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Introduction specialises in Ideamanagement (all you want to know about Ideamanagement). It can help you set up your own suggestion scheme or improve your ideasystem but it also gives presentations and lectures about Ideamanagement. organises workshops, masterclasses and conferences in Europe. The man behind is René Blok, 55 years of age, and more than 35 years working in the Ideamanagement business.

In 2000 he was the organisor of the first International Ideaconference in the Netherlands

In 2001 his Ideasystem was chosen Best Practice in Europe by the University of Nijenrode

In 2002 he was the Key Note Speaker at the Fraport Ideamanagement Forum in Frankfurt.

In 2003 he successfully combined Co Creation & Ideamanagement and he is one of the Key Note Speakers at the International Ideaconference, Carrefour d'Innovation in Paris.

In 2004 and the Norway Institute for Suggestions Rentabrain from Johannes Michielsen, Kroderen, Norway combine their skills. They write the paper Ideamanagement & Co Creation A PERFECT MATCH en they start the implementation of Oslo Ideamanagement.

In 2005 René Blok joins the Board of the National Ideacenter ( and they have the implementation of the ARBONED Ideamanagement called BRILLIANT

In 2006 there is an article about Ideamanagement Management WEB and it reaches more than 125.000 subscribers.

In 2007 VC Business Company and meet and they start the Dutch Center for Innovation. René travels to Brussels for the start of the European Center of Innovation.

In 2008 René Blok & Hans Michielsen are the Key Note Speakers in Liverpool and Oslo and they create a playshop about Ideamanagement. Together with Harry van der Wees, ceo of SWH they create new software called The Idea Management Information System TIMIS. More information at

In 2009 René becomes Key Note Speaker fort the National Idea Center and the workshops at Rijkswaterstaat, Belastingdienst, The City of Maastricht become playshops. In cooperation with The National Ideacenter A new Dutch Ideaconference is organised and it is called the NATIONAL IDEAS DAY Screenhouse, SWH, Innovation Transfer, National Ideacenter and are present at the Innovative IdeaMarket. Bernie Sander is the Key Note Speaker The Ideacampaign CRADLE TOT CRADLE is a hit……

René gets a lifetime Achievement award from Bernie Sander ant the National Ideacenter

In 2010 Radio Station RTV West has a radioshow called TALK OF THE TOWN about Creativity and is in the air….. celebrates the first 10 years with Champagne and Cigars and it starts with Playshops Ideamanagement for the National Idea Center, Tence and has a Ideaworkshop with FUJI Netherlands. The Posters Ideathrillers & Ideakillers of are a hit….

In 2011 starts with the workshop Co Creation for Holland Branding. The implementation of Co Creation & Ideamanagement is booming in Oslo. The Orange Paper Session for RH-chairs of Sweden is a big hit…..The cooperation with the National Ideacenter is great there are plans for more Innovative Masterclasses in 2012. Dubai Ideamanagement is born and a presentation for KPN in Hilversum is special because of the History with KPN Ideamanagement.

In 2012 has some new partners. Naam en Faam but also the National Ideacenter combine their skills. UK Ideas (Andy Beddows), Innovation Transfer (Bernie Sander) & are working on Global Idea Management (GIM) and the highest priority is an Internationnal Idea Conference. In the Netherlands the workshops Co Creation but also the Idea Academy are on their way and is helping the Wageningen University, PGGM and also the National Fire Department with some new Innovation and Ideamanagement skills.

In 2013 brings us a new module Ideamanagement in cooperation with Hans Michielsen (RentaBrain Norway) and Softwareguru Harry van der Wees (SWH). is one of the Key Note Speakers at the National Idea Day in Zwolle and with the University of Wageningen the Idea Academy is called FB IDEA and booming business.

In 2014 will be better and brings us more Innovation and Creativity and we will start our Module Ideamanagement the Idea Academy. We will continue our relationship with the National Idea Center and will stay partners with Rentabrain Norway and Oscar van Lingen & Rene start a Masterclass Ideamanagement for FM Quest.

In 2015 FB IDEA is a hit at Wageniningen University. The Modules Ideamanagement are famous and more Masterclasses with Oscar van Lingen and FM Quest are born. Johannes Michielsen (rentabrain) is travelling a lot and together new Idea Workshops are created in The Netherlands and Norway. Harry van der Wees of SWH and combine forces and still share their love for creativity, ideamanagement and innovation…..

In 2016 will bring more Pink Idea Sessions in the Netherlands and Norway and starts with Beta Chairs & Nice Price Office. In a couple of hours more than 75 ideas are submitted and the best 3 ideas are implemented.

In 2017 FB IDEA give an FB IDEA CAKE is given tot he Idea Employee of the year. Time for Creativity is booming and the FB IDEA CLUB has a lot of fun. There is an Pink Idea Session for a Swimclub in The Hague in within a couple of hours more than 100 ideas are submitted and some of them directly implemented. The Idea Masterclass is booming and the Dutch are very creative.

In 2018 Hans Michielsen from Kroderen & Rene Blok joined again for more Creativity in Florida USA and they are planning more Ideasessions at the Idea Academy. Even the Fire Department shows interest and they have their own Idealetters…… In 2018 Hans Michielsen from Kroderen & Rene Blok joined again for more Creativity in Florida USA and they are planning more Ideasessions at the Idea Academy. Even the Fire Department shows interest and they have their own Idealetters. Cradle to Cradle is hot and they combine forces with Jeff Gaspersz from the University of Nijenrode and Natascha Kooiman, the sustainability rebel in the Netherlands and the Idea Dopper is the price of the year and a real Dutch Invention.

In 2019 Kim Spinder & Maik de Boer joined the team for MO IN MOTIION and #movoorrvo is a trending topic and it works. A special MO SUMMER EDITION is linked to a IDEA Summer Deal and a new Idea price is a bottle of CK ONE SUMMER for the best Ideas. For new employees there is an Idea Quiz and new theme’s are invented. Cradle to Cradle with take some time and is alive and kicking in the Netherlands and in Norway.

In 2020 all Pink Idea Workshops went Digital because of het Covid 19 Virus but ideas kept on coming. The Smartphone Cleaner was a Homerun but also the Dutch Doppers were a hit and especially a can of Honey from our own Bees as an Idea Incentive for a Cradle to Cradle Idea. It is a pleasure working with Ideas for more than 40 years and a lot of years to come. Baseball and Ideamanagement are life and the rest are details!!!! Amazing!!!!

In 2021 BHV IDEA & ISMO IDEA were the new items in our Ideaworld and the 100.000 Bees in Utrecht a Homerun. The price of a cradle to cradle Idea was a Honey Incentive by our own Bees. BHV Idea gave us plenty new Ideas and ISMO IDEA was the cooperation of 4 different organisations and gave us al lot of ideas.

In 2022 we still worked from our homes due to the Covid but the Ideacards were a hit and our slogan EVERY IDEA OK was seen everywhere.

Baseball & Ideamanagement is life, the rest details....

Rene Albert Blok